2019 Alacrite Vin Du France Vin Blanc

With balanced acidity and fruit, this tart varietal is perfect for summer. It hails from southern France. Wines from this region are greatly influenced by the Mediterranean weather and benefit when paired with fresh food from the sea. It is said that the grapevines in this ancient land existed before people. This ideal growing region brings warm days, cool nights, adequate water, and bountiful land with a wide range of soil from rocky sand to thick clay. Almost 10% of the world’s wine was produced in this region during the 20th century.

Tasting Notes: Sharp on the nose with aromas of pears, green apples, and fresh thyme. In the mouth, you’ll enjoy a crisp palate balanced with white peach, grapefruit, honeysuckle, dill, and a long finish of chalk and slate. Pair with light cheese, like chèvre, and seafood.