2019 Castello Niccolo Rosso Toscana


When people think of Italian wine their first thought is usually Sangiovese. This dark, brooding, and romantic varietal is the most widely planted and is also the base for Chianti and most Italian blends.

Sangiovese vines are relatively slow to ripen. This results in an extended growing season and richer, stronger, and longer-living wines than those made from early-ripening French varieties. Quality Sangiovese is prized for its high acid, firm tannins, and balanced nature. Key characteristics are savory flavors of dark cherries and black stone-fruit, often backed by secondary notes of tomato leaf and dried herbs.

Tasting Notes: This food-friendly red wine from Tuscany, Italy, is made from Sangiovese. On the nose, it shows ripe, red cherry, and red currant with hints of oregano. A perfect pairing for Pizza night with your family and friends.

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