2019 Usuku Chenin Blanc

Chenin Blanc is the most widely planted grape varietal in South Africa. Chenin’s popularity, in this country, stems from its high-yielding vines and ability to reflect the terroir of the region. In the Loire Valley of France, where Chenin originated, it is known as a premium quality wine grape able to produce world-class wines.  By contrast, many New World wine regions use this varietal as a workhorse variety, which contributes acidity and more neutral flavors to bulk white blends. Throughout all its manifestations, across different wine regions, Chenin Blanc’s characteristic acidity remains evident.

Chenin Blanc is a refreshing, fruity, and approachable white wine. Its fruit-forward aromas and flavors can range from tart green apple, plum, and lime to more robust notes of ripe stone or tropical fruit, melon or clementine, framed by lifting acidity.

Tasting Notes: Usuku is a refreshing, dry, and crisp wine from the Western Cape in South Africa. Made of Chenin Blanc, it has hints of honeycomb and green apple, Usuku is a perfect wine to be enjoyed fresh and young.