A Trip Through California (North, Central, South) (9 Bottles/Live Experience)

2017 Caran Marquee Oakville Cabernet Sauvignon × 3

Napa Valley’s original Grand Cru, it’s no surprise why Oakville continues to showcase its greatness vintage after vintage. We absolutely love the appellation’s unique ability to channel all aspects of both the Napa Valley and the Cabernet grape itself, and through the careful selection and some relationships that span decades, we are able to continually produce a wine that speaks to our affinity for the famed region and highlights Cabernet’s exquisite properties.

Winemaker Notes: A perfect example of pure Oakville Cabernet. Aromas of ripe red fruits, kirsch liqueur, savory herbs, and spice all lead into an unctuous palate of sweet red berries, spiced cedar, purple flowers, and crème de cassis, all backed by toasty oak that lingers on the palate for what seems like an eternity. Oakville’s name is up in lights once again and we’ll most certainly drink to that.

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2015 Merlot (Shale Canyon Wines) × 3

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2015 Kessler-Haak Syrah × 3

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