Anything but Chardonnay (16 Bottles/Live Experience)

2019 Armonizar Chenin Blanc × 4

Mendoza, located on a high-altitude plateau (2,600 - 3,900ft) at the foothills of the Andes Mountains, lies on the western edge of Argentina across the Andes Mountains from Chile. High altitude moderates the hot, dry climate of the region. Warm, sunny days are followed by colder nights thanks to the westerly winds from the Andes.

Tasting Notes: This Chenin Blanc from Argentina is an easy-drinking, light-bodied white wine to be enjoyed before dinner or with friends in the afternoon. It is a perfect match with young, fresh cheeses as well as fish.

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2020 Domaine Cherrier Sancerre × 4

2020 Domaine Cherrier Sancerre

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2020 Medlock Ames Sauvignon Blanc × 4

2020 Medlock Ames Sauvignon Blanc

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2019 Galante Family Winery Viognier × 4

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